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Carry Less; Do More - the Art of Simplicity

You’re home with your baby and you have a Zoom meeting in ten minutes but your baby is not done breastfeeding. You can’t exactly tell him to stop, so what do you do?

How about when you have to transcribe notes from a meeting and need to be hands-free to type, but it’s your baby’s feeding time? Do you think your baby is going to wait until you’re done?

Did you know that the average baby cries for three hours a day during the first three months of their life?

Of course, the only way to comfort a crying baby is to pick them up and provide skin-to-skin contact. In a randomized trial, scientists found that regularly carrying babies will decrease their crying by 43%. Who wouldn’t want that? 

This reassurance of love and safety is not only comforting, but necessary for their growing brains.