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Breastfeeding on the go? Guillaumia Has You Covered

Breastfeeding on the go? Guillaumia Has You Covered

Do these situations sound familiar? 

You’re home with your baby and you have a Zoom meeting in ten minutes but your baby is not done breastfeeding. You can’t exactly tell him to stop, so what do you do?

How about when you have to transcribe notes from a meeting and need to be hands-free to type, but it’s your baby’s feeding time? Do you think your baby is going to wait until you’re done?

These are all things that working moms are dealing with today, especially since working remotely is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Working from home allows many moms to be around their babies more, but it’s still a challenge to get everything done.

At Guillaumia, we know you have your hands full, literally, and that is why we’re committed to developing products to make your life easier as a multi-tasking momma! Whether you’re working from home, trying to get things done around the house, or are out with friends, you can take care of your baby with ease.

Our products don’t force you to have a schedule for yourself and a separate schedule for your baby. You can combine the two to make life more convenient. What mom doesn’t want that?

Breastfeeding and Multi-Tasking Made Easy

Guillaumia has developed the best nurse-sling to make breastfeeding easier when you also need to be doing other things. The Pick-Me-Up nurse sling allows you to feed your baby while you’re standing, walking, typing, making deals, or doing whatever else needs to be done while your baby needs to eat.

The Pick-Me-Up nurse sling is not one of the products that you use for your baby’s first month of life and forget. You can use it for different stages for your baby as he grows.

Usually, the most comfortable position to nurse babies under 3 months of age is have them positioned as a cradle. As your baby grows, it becomes more comfortable to have their legs between the strap. The last position comes when they can feed sitting up. 

Women like to feel empowered that they can check things off their to-do list while still giving their baby the best nourishment possible. The Pick-Me-Up nurse sling makes this a reality. It’s comfy for moms and babies and allows your baby to be at just the right angle to breastfeed.

Moms love this nursing sling because it also dries quickly and has an antimicrobial effect. It’s a win-win all-around.

Let Guillaumia make your life as a mom easier so that you can focus on the things that matter to you most, like your baby!