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Carry Less; Do More - the Art of Simplicity

Did you know that the average baby cries for three hours a day during the first three months of their life?

Of course, the only way to comfort a crying baby is to pick them up and provide skin-to-skin contact. In a randomized trial, scientists found that regularly carrying babies will decrease their crying by 43%. Who wouldn’t want that? 

This reassurance of love and safety is not only comforting, but necessary for their growing brains.

The Pick-Me-Up is perfect for younger children, from babies to toddlers. It can hold up to 33 pounds and is wearable as a cross-body baby carrier, nursing bag, and safety harness.

But that’s not all. When the harness is used as a cross-body carrier, the detachable back support makes for a hands-free system. Plus, there’s no need for a nursing pillow with the Pick-Me-Up. This nursing carrier allows for mobility while breastfeeding, whether you’re out and about or running around the kitchen.

Beyond that, the Pick-Me-Up is an ideal option for those with young children known to bolt.