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a baby walking in pick-me-up baby walker with parents behind him
  • Has your baby just learned to walk and is prone to falling?
  • Worried your baby might dash towards something dangerous?
  • Are you tired of constantly bending down to keep your baby safe?

Worry no more! All these concerns will be addressed with our ultimate baby harness Pick-Me-Up that serves as a baby walker!  You may wonder, 'wait a minute, it's not the type of walker I am used to. What is this?'.  The Pick-Me-Up is a one-of-a-kind soft baby walker made of fabric!  Whatever you call it - a toddler leash, a baby walking assistant or safety harness or belt -, we invented this to protect your baby while saving your back. 

  • Is your baby great at walking now?   

Even if your baby has mastered walking, she would not grow out of the Pick-Me-Up until about 24 months of age.  You will still benefit from using this baby walker as toddlers are unpredictable as they tend to run towards their target without looking out for cars or other obstacles.  With the Pick-Me-Up, you will have full control, and, most importantly, the peace of mind that your child is fully protected within your reach at all times.  

  • How is our baby walker different from others?

The Pick-Me-Up is different from other products as its innovative design gives freedom and protection to the baby while giving parents the utmost control with minimal effort. See below for more. 

Other Products Pick-Me-Up How Different in design?
complex design simple design Quick & Easy to put on and take off
limited control effective control Provides guardian with full control and support at the right angle and position
obstructed view and restricted movement open view and more freedom Provides babies the least restriction in both view and movement but more protection
burden to carry compact size / light weight Versatile as it is convertible to a carrier and a crossbody bag
ugly trendy /stylish /chic Doesn't look like a dog leash or marionette. Aesthetically pleasing

No Back & Arm Pain

Pick-Me-Up is designed with an optimal angle that best supports you and your baby. No matter how tall you are, you can avoid bending over and raising your arm to support your baby. The optimized angle & adjustable length of the loop suit any height, so you can stay tall, relaxed and calm.

Side view of a baby in baby walker or baby safety harness whose design has an optimal angle

No Falls

Pick-Me-Up effectively catches your baby from falls or other injuries by supporting her comfortably from underneath her arms. You can gain full control of your baby's movement while giving her more freedom with minimal physical restriction.

toddler leaning over a pond in a baby harness, baby walker, or baby walking safety harness or baby leash

Quality Materials

Our baby harness is KC Certified, made of non-toxic 100% cotton and lined with breathable 3D air mesh fabric. Morevoer, the “corn” fabric used for the hip seat cover is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and has a plenty of benefits including an odor preventing effect, quick dry and antimicrobial effect.

Easy Connection & Adjustment

The buckle tunnels on the shoulder strap facilitate easy connection to the sternum straps. Simply slide the sternum straps through the buckle tunnels to connect. You can also easily adjust the length of both shoulder and sternum straps to create a snuggle fit for a baby of any size!

Back view of Pick-Me-Up soft baby walker or baby walking safety harness or baby leash

Comfortable Handle

Padded and lined with breathable air-mesh, the handle grip is super comfortable and cool. Moreover, its position can be adjusted allowing you to center the handle easily along the loop as you lengthen and shorten the strap.

Close up view of the handle of Pick-Me-Up soft baby walker or baby walking safety harness or baby leash

Simple & Practical

We value simplicity in design and practicality in function. Not only does the Pick-Me-Up keep your baby safe with minimal effort, its compact size, light weight and sleek design makes it easy to carry and easy on the eyes.

Front view of pick-me-up soft baby walker or baby walking safety harness or baby leash
baby boy smiling in pick-me-up baby carrier

You will be amazed how comfortable it is for you and your baby wearing our crossbody baby carrier. Try it, and be amazed.

No Shoulder Pain

The shoulder strap will never dig into your shoulder causing pain! Our bolstered shoulder pad provides enough cushion and distributes the weight evenly on your shoulder. It can easily hold up to 33lbs with no pain! Moreover, breathable 3D air mesh helps it stay cool and dry with no heat trapped on your shoulder.

close up view of the pick-me-up baby carrier's shoulder pad

Comfy & Breathable Seat

Our ergonomic design creates an optimal angle for the comfortable and stable hip seat when the baby carrier is worn diagnally across your body. Moreover, 3D air mesh fabric coupled with an extra padding on the bottom provides a cushy, breathable, and comfortable seat for the baby.

inside view of pickmeup baby carrier

Additional Back Support

Pick-Me-Up baby carrier comes with a detachable back support. This helps to more securely support the baby, eliminating the risk of her falling out of the seat. Not only does it provide more complete protection, it gives you and your baby more freedom to move and feeling of safety.

close-up view of the pick-me-up baby carrier's detachable back support

Added Safety

Even if you choose not to use the back support for a simpler & quicker use of the carrier, Pick-Me-Up provides an additional support. The embedded hip cover in the seat area gives you and your baby a greater sense of security and protection. It is also made of chemical-free PLA fiber material made of corn to keep your baby's bum fresh and dry at all times.

Working mom in office is nursing her baby in Pick-Me-Up nurse sling


Are you still shackled & chained to your couch or relying on the bulky, heavy nursing pillows when breastfeeding? With Guillaumia’s Pick-Me-Up, you become free and mobile while breastfeeding.

The Pick-Me-Up nurse sling will enable you to feed your baby while standing, or walking, wherever, whenever. Be empowered by it.

With mobility, it will pick your mood up.

Mother nursing baby while standing, pouring a glass of lemonade

Cushy & Comfortable

Our ergonomic design renders an optimal angle for the comfortable and stable foundation to support your breastfed baby when the nurse sling is worn across your body. Moreover, 3D air mesh fabric coupled with an extra padding on the seat provides a cushy, breathable, and comfortable bedding for your baby.

Inside view of Pick-Me-Up nurse sling

No Arm Pain

No more weight on your arms! No matter how small & light your baby is, your arms tend to get tired from holding up your baby for a while.

With the Pick-Me-Up Nurse Sling, you no longer need to struggle so much. Pick-Me-Up will do the heavy lifting for you.

To nurse babies of 5+ months, you can also position the sling in between their legs to better fit their bigger size/height.

Side view of mother nursing her baby using Pick-Me-Up nurse sling