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The Pick-Me-Up: The Simple Wandering Solution

The Pick-Me-Up: The Simple Wandering Solution

It happens more than you would think.

When children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) wander, they may come face-to-face with serious harm or even death. Wandering, otherwise known as elopement or bolting, is an incredibly common symptom of ASD. In fact, almost 50% of young children with a diagnosed autism spectrum disorder wander.

Since children with ASD tend to wander when overstimulated or hyper-fixated, something as mundane as a bus ride or a trip to a park can end in disaster.

And, even worse, close to one-third of all reported wandering cases ended in injury or fatality.

Sadly, many of these tragic stories begin with, “I looked away for one second, and they were gone.”

So, for anyone struggling to keep an eye on a child prone to wandering, know you’re not alone.

There are many preventative measures out there. Wearable IDs and tracking devices have grown in popularity recently. But the most dependable measure of all is Guillaumia’s Pick-Me-Up: 3-in-1 Baby Harness.

The Revolutionary Pick-Me-Up: 3-in-1 Baby Harness 

The Pick-Me-Up is perfect for younger children, from babies to toddlers. It can hold up to 33 pounds and is wearable as a cross-body baby carrier, nursing bag, and safety harness.

But that’s not all. When the harness is used as a cross-body carrier, the detachable back support makes for a hands-free system. Plus, there’s no need for a nursing pillow with the Pick-Me-Up. This nursing carrier allows for mobility while breastfeeding, whether you’re out and about or running around the kitchen.

Beyond that, the Pick-Me-Up is an ideal option for those with young children known to bolt.

With Guillaumia’s child safety harness, you’ll feel safer and more secure going on walks, taking a trip to the grocery store, or visiting the park. Taking away outside time is never the answer; instead, the Pick-Me-Up can make the outdoors safer for all.

The straps are adjustable as is the size itself, so the Pick-Me-Up can fit the many stages and needs of the wearer’s young life. The length of the strap can be adjusted based on the difference in height between the wearer and the caregiver, so it’s designed to grow with you.

This adaptable harness stretches across the child’s chest with meshed padding to ensure their comfort and stability. The wearer still has the freedom to move about and explore, while the supervisor has more control in case of an emergency.

Since the length of the strap is adjustable, the caregiver can still hold the wearer’s hand or keep them close if needed. Or, if your child needs more physical space, this walking assistant harness permits them some freedom while keeping them safe.

Of course, there’s a lot of public stigma surrounding child safety harnesses and toddler leashes. However, the unconventional look of the Pick-Me-Up dispels those fears and fast judgments. It doesn’t look like a dog leash or a ball and chain. The stylish and friendly design even comes in “Rose Beige,” a soft pink color that would never be mistaken for a dog’s leash. 

What Reviewers Are Saying

The Pick-Me-Up allows children with an autism spectrum disorder to exist freely and peacefully in a world that is simply not designed for them.

Customer Jeanny K. said,

“You can let your child walk and explore safely with the harness and have the peace of mind that you can immediately move your child out of harm’s way.”

Guillaumia is dedicated to enhancing parents’ peace of mind, and the Pick-Me-Up is no exception. This mobility-friendly and non-constrictive harness can help you enjoy the great outdoors again. Safe and sound.

It’s never easy to leave home worry-free if you have a child with additional needs. But the Pick-Me-Up can make it a little easier.