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What You Really Don’t Need to Put on Your Baby Shower Registry

Babies are simple little humans who spend the majority of their beginning days eating, sleeping, and pooping. There aren’t many items you need to support those habits! This is why there are many items you can leave off your wishlist when registering for your baby shower. 

Even as they grow during their first year of life, there are so many things you may register for, that your baby will never end up using. What are these items? We’re going to tell you about a few so that your friends and family can save their money and use it for the things you’rereally going to need.

8 Items You Don’t Need on Your Baby Shower Registry

  • Baby Wipe Warmer
  • Unless you live in very cold conditions, you’re not going to need a baby wipe warmer. Baby wipes at room temperature are going to be just fine for your little one.

  • Bottle Warmer
  • You also don’t need a bottle warmer because a baby doesn’t need extremely warm milk or formula. Room temperature is just fine! If you want to warm it up a bit, you can run it under warm water for a few seconds or put warm water in a cup and put the bottle in the cup for a minute.

  • Designer Baby Shoes
  • We all know little baby shoes are very cute. But, where is your baby walking to that he or she needs them? Your baby is just going to kick them off and probably end up losing one! Save the money for clothes your baby really is going to need.

  • Bottle Sterilizer
  • Many new parents think it’s a necessity to invest in a baby bottle sterilizer. While it is convenient, it’s not a must have, so it’s your choice whether to include it on your registry. You can always clean bottles after every use and run them through your dishwasher’s sanitizing cycle once a week. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can also use a pan of boiling water to sanitize the bottles. It does just as good of a job.

  • Diaper Genie 
  • The Diaper Genie is a staple on many registries. But, do you really want to keep dirty diapers in your house for days? Bringing them out to the trash is just as good, if not better. Many parents who have used the Diaper Genie found it a nuisance to constantly clean on top of everything else on their to-do list.  Plus, you need to regularly purchase bag refills, but those bags are not cheap!

  • Baby Food Processor
  • If you have a regular food processor, you don’t need another food processor to make baby food. Use the one you have because it works just the same. You not only save counter or cabinet space, but also a few dollars.

  • Fancy Bedding
  • Save your family and friends some money and don’t put fancy bedding on your registry list. Any crib bumpers or fancy blankets are a big no-no in the crib because they create a safety hazard for your baby. All you need is a snug fitted sheet on your baby’s crib and you’re good to go.

  • Baby Robe
  • Sure your baby will look very cute wearing a robe, but what are the chances you’re going to get your baby to put it on? Slim to none! When your baby gets out of the bath, they want to get dry and get warm. They’re not going to want to fiddle with putting a robe on. Plus, they’ll likely outgrow it very quickly.

    Keep It Simple and Practical

    When it comes to items to put on your baby registry, keep it simple and practical. Bottles, onesies, burp clothes, bibs…those are all items you’re going to need, and in large quantity! You’ll also want to add ourNurse Sling. This is a great way to be mobile while breastfeeding. Whether you’re home trying to get things done or out and about, the Nurse Sling makes feeding your baby easier than ever!  

    What’s also good about this product is that it grows with your baby. When your baby starts to support his own head, you can simply convert it into aCrossbody Baby Carrier.  This lets you have your baby close to you while not having to worry about having your arms in the constant holding position. 

    It doesn’t stop there.  When your baby starts to walk, you can use it as awalking harnessto support him/her while preventing injuries. Nursing, carrying, and walking - the Pick-Me-Up harness checks off all the essential needs of your baby!  

    So, when you register for your baby shower and gifts, remember to keep it simple, and only ask for the items you know you’re going to need. Trust us, there are plenty!