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I Never Thought I’d Use a Baby Walker Until I Became a Parent

When you don’t have a child, you may look at things like a baby walker or harness and roll your eyes, wondering why a parent would ever want to use one of those. But, once you have a child, it all makes sense. Instead of asking yourself why a parent would want to use one, the question becomes why would they not.

A baby walking harness makes sense because it not only protects your baby from falling but also saves some wear and tear on your back. After all, a baby product should help make a parent’s life easier, right?

At Guillaumia, we think so. We do care about the health of the parents as much as we care for the babies’. That’s why we created our baby harnessPick-Me-Up that’s also a baby walker and carrier sling. It’s a revolutionary 3-in-1 product that will change the way you look at baby walkers or harnesses.

An Up Close and Personal Look at the Pick-Me-Up

If you’ve tried other baby walking harnesses before and haven’t had much luck, you need to check out the Pick-Me-Up. It’s a one-of-a-kind fabric baby walker and harness. It has an innovative design that gives you control with minimal effort while giving your baby the freedom and protection he needs to start walking. The best part is, you won’t lose your baby in a crowd and you can prevent nasty falls. 

Even if your baby has mastered walking, he can still use the Pick-Me-Up until he hits the 24-month mark or even beyond. This gives you the peace of mind of being able to protect your child from life’s little obstacles that can put them in great danger.

The Pick-Me-Up is a universal fit for parents of any height. No matter how tall you are, you don’t have to worry about constantly bending over and raising your arm to support your baby. The harness is completely adjustable to any length. 

While little bumps and bruises are a part of the growing process, you don’t want to expose your child to a great danger and regret in hindsight. In the end the horrible accidents occur in the blink of an eye.  One of the best things about the Pick-Me-Up is that it catches your baby from falls and other injuries. Your baby still has movement with minimal physical restrictions, but you also have control to keep them safe. Sounds like a win-win, right? We think so!

Wait there’s more!

The Pick-Me-Up can also be used as a fully supported crossbody baby sling. It holds your baby close, allowing you to be hands-free. The baby’s weight is evenly distributed on your shoulder. You’re comfortable and so is your baby with 3D air mesh and padding that offers a cushy seat for your baby.

As you can see, the Pick-Me-Up is far different than any types of baby leash or harness you’ve ever seen or used. It’s comfy, practical, and safe.

Now, when other people without kids see you using your Pick-Me-Up in whatever form, they’ll understand why!